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Good Deeds (Buddha’s Teachings) 
What are good deeds? Here are some good deeds that children should do:

♦ At home, they should respect their elders, honor and obey their parents, love and support their brothers and sisters;

♦ At school, they should be courteous to their teachers and helpful to their classmates. They should pay attention to their teachers, and take good heed of the advice and guidance they receive at school;

♦ In their neighborhood, they should be considerate and friendly to all their neighbors. When they meet people in need, whoever they may be, children should try to help and comfort them. These are simple good deeds that every one of us can do. 

(Thiện Phúc (2003). Buddhist Dictionary – Vietnamese-English. Minh Dang Quang Patriarchal Temple) Thư Viện Hoa Sen

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