Daily Reading ~ April 27

Hoa Vo Uu (Buddha Dharma Education Association)
Venerable Shravasti Dhammika

The Buddha’s Words of Wisdom

Suppose an enemy has hurt you

In his own doman.

Why should you annoy yourself

And hurt your mind in your domain?

In tears you left your family,

They who were kind and helpful always.

So why not leave behind your enemy

And the anger that brings so much harm?


This anger which you embrace

Eats away at the very roots

Of all the virtues you strive to develop.

Who would be such a fool?

Someone else does evil deeds

And you get angry. Why?

Do you wish to copy him?

And act as he does?


Suppose someone, to annoy,

Provokes you to do some evil act.

Why allow anger to arise and thus

Do exactly as he wants you to do?

If you get angry

Then maybe he will suffer, maybe not.

But by feeling anger yourself

You certainly do suffer.


If enemies blinded by anger

Are content to walk the path of woe,

Do you wish to follow them?

By getting angry yourself?

If a foe provokes you

To hurt yourself by getting angry,

Let that anger subside.

Do not harm yourself needlessly.