Daily Reading ~ August 22

Hoa Vo Uu (Buddha Dharma Education Association)
Venerable Shravasti Dhammika

The Buddha’s Words of Wisdom

Venerable Ãnanda went to the house, leaned against the doorpost and wept, saying: “I am but a learner. I still have to attain perfection. But alas, my master who is so compassionate towards me is about to pass away.”

Then the Lord asked the monks: “Where is Ãnanda?” And they told him where he was and what he was doing. Then the Lord said: “Go monk, and say to Ãnanda, Friend Ãnanda, the Lord calls you.”

When he came, the Lord said to Ãnanda: “Enough Ãnanda, do not cry. For have I not taught that it is the nature of all things beloved that we must suffer separation form them and be severed from them? For that which is born, come to be and compounded is also subject to dissolution. How could it be otherwise? For a long time have you, Ãnanda, served the Tathãgata with thoughts, words and deeds of love, graciously, pleasantly and with your whole heart. You have gathered great good. Now you should put forth energy and soon you too will be free from the defilements.”