Daily Reading ~ October 15

Hoa Vo Uu (Buddha Dharma Education Association)
Venerable Shravasti Dhammika

The Buddha’s Words of Wisdom

At one time, the Lord was staying near Ãlavĩ, at the cowpath in the Simsapa Grove, lodging on the leaf-strewn ground. Now, Hatthaka of Ãlavĩ was walking about, and he saw the Lord seated among the leaves. He approached him and asked: “Pray, sir, do you live happily?”

“Yes, my boy, I live happily. Of all the people in the world. I am the happiest.”

“But, sir, these winter nights are cold – the dark half of the month is a time of frost. The ground has been trampled hard by the cattle’s hooves, the carpet of fallen leaves is thin. There are few leaves on the trees, your yellow robe is thin, and the winds blow cold.”

“Despite this, I still live happily. I will ask you a question; answer as you wish. What do you think? Supose a man has a house with a gabled roof, plastered inside and out with well-fitting doors and windows. Inside is a couch spread with a lonng fleeced woolen rug, a bedspread of white wool, a cover embroidered with flowers, spread with costly antelope skin, with a canopy overhead, and scarlet cushions at each end. The lamp is burning and four wives wait on him with their charms. Would such a man be happy or not?”

“Yes, sir, he would be happy.”

“Well, what do you think? Is it not possible that distress of body and mind due to greed, hatred or delusion could arise in him, causing to feel unhappy?”

“Yes, sir, that is possible.”

“Well, my boy, that greed, hatred and delusion that could distress of body and mind has been abandoned by the Tathãgata, cut off at the root, made like a palm tree stump that cannot again in the future. And that is why I live happily.”